Andrea Guarino

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Andrea Guarino-Slemmons
-Comenzo su conatco con el vidrio con la técnica de vitrales. Desde hace 14 años se dedica a tiempo completo a hacer cuentas de vidrio. La complejidad de sus cuentas ha evolucionado con su experiencia y la disponibilidad de nuevos materiales y colores. Andrea ama el trabajo con láminas de metal y diversos productos químicos para crear reacciones en el vidrio. Encontrar un nuevo color que reacciona es sorprendente. Tiene su estudio en EEUU, ha realizado demostraciones en
Japón, Australia, Alemania.

Andrea Guarino-Slemmons
– has devoted her whole working life to the glass arts. Starting with stained glass while in her teens however she felt the medium too constraining. Fused glass was her next choice but while using a torch to make odd shaped glass pieces and stringers to decorate her pieces she fell in love with lampworking. That was fourteen years ago and she has been making art glass beads full time ever since. The complexity of her beads has evolved with her experience and the availability of new materials and colors. Andrea loves working with metal foils and leaf and various chemicals to create reactions in glass. To find a new color that reacts is a joy. Andrea makes a wide range of bead styles and sizes and is continually working on new designs. Lapidadry equipment is used to create her special faceted beads. She shows her work in two or three major shows and teaches both in her state-of-the-art glass bead making studio in Port Townsend or across the country. She has also taught in Australia and Japan and soon in Denmark, Australia (again) and Italy.

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