Anne-Marie Chagnon

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Anne-Marie Chagnon estableció su compañía en 1995. Utiliza materiales como peltre, madera, resina y vidrio, ellos cobran vida en sus manos. Abre nuevos caminos diseñando piezas que pueden ser fácilmente transformables a partir de collares a pulseras o pendientes. Son nada menos que revolucionario!
Anne-Marie Chagnon vende sus joyas y esculturas en todo Quebec y Canadá, así como Europa, los EE.UU. y Australia. En 2003, el Cirque du Soleil le encargo crear una colección especial para su espectáculo Dralion, y desde entonces ha publicado nuevas colecciones cada año, exclusivamente para la venta en el Cirque du Soleil boutiques en todo el mundo. Como un verdadero homenaje a la expresión personal, cada una de sus creaciones de arte se puede usar de diferentes maneras.

Anne-Marie Chagnon
was born twice. The first time was when she came upon her mother’s jewellery box as a little girl. The second was when she began creating her own jewellery and established her company in 1995. With a keen imagination, this fine arts graduate from the Université du Québec à Montréal is now easily recognized for her unique handmade collections that playfully push boundaries and showcase familiar materials in an all new way. Pewter, wood, resin and glass come alive in her hands, simultaneously revealing their primitive, sensual and joyous sides. Their shapes are sometimes crude, sometimes minimalist and sometimes whimsical. And yet, they combine perfectly. Finally, she breaks new ground with cleverly designed pieces that can easily be transformed from necklace to bracelet to earrings. They’re nothing short of revolutionary!

Cherished for her ingenuity and original combinations, Anne-Marie Chagnon sells her jewellery-sculptures all over Quebec and Canada, as well as Europe, the U.S. and Australia. In 2003, Cirque du Soleil commissioned Chagnon to create a special collection for their Dralion show, and since then she has released new collections each year exclusively for sale in Cirque du Soleil’s boutiques around the world. As a genuine tribute to personal expression, each of her creations is art you can wear according to your whim.

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