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Beecham White Glass

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Regarding his work and his decision to remain the maker as well as the designer Gary says, “Reading science fiction, the visible light spectrum and looking up at the country night sky as I walk between my house and studio at night have also inspired me to make the Expanding Universe Series. My wife and partner Mary Lynn and I are completely involved in our work, both aesthetically and in making the glass pieces at every stage of execution, so the number of pieces we produce is small but personally and artistically satisfying.”

Beecham:” Mi esposa y compañera María Lynn y yo estamos completamente implicados con nuestro trabajo, tanto estéticamente como con la fabricación de los objetos de vidrio en cada etapa de ejecución, el número de objetos que producimos es pequeño, pero personalmente y artísticamente nos da mucha satisfacción. “

Beecham White Glass

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