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Gail Crosman Moore

By 8 julio, 2009febrero 25th, 2021No Comments

Gail Crosman Moore
es una artista que utiliza diferentes medios (fieltro, arcilla, vidrio, metal, etc).Sus piezas están llenas de color,son muy diferentes todos sus trabajos. Me encanta todo lo que hace!!!

Gail Crosman Moore
:”The one common denominator in all of my work is me so I thought that I would take a minute to tell you a little bit about my passion….I need to make things. Things out of fiber, glass, clay, metal, paper, no material is safe! My other need is to get whatever I am working on out of the second dimension and into the third. Color, form and texture are what make my heart sing.

This foray into the internet is a step along the way to broaden my audience in hopes of bringing joy in the form of an intimate object directly into your home from mine….what a concept! May you gather a fraction of the pleasure from viewing my work as I do in creating it. Thanks for your time, happy viewing. All good to you!”

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