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Ian kerrler-Gowell: “I was drawn to working with hot glass due to its energy and the engaging nature of the process. The potential of the material excites me and has gotten me captivated with the possibilities. I applied for this residency to have the opportunity to use a more renewable / environmentally-friendly glass studio, as well as have access to facilities within a supportive community to develop my work.

I find object making to be a very abstract form of story telling, the building blocks of a cultural identity. Whether it the richness of ancient objects worn with use or the crispness of modern design, it is how they capture a sense of time and place that speaks without words.

Some major influences on my work are the lighting designs of Poul Heningson, the ground murrini pieces by Carlos Scarpa, as well as the designs of Tapio Wirkkala. I am attracted to ancient pottery, specifically Inca, Greek, Roman and Chinese forms. Painters such as Rothko and Albers have affected my use of color, as well as observing nature.”


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