Kevin Mark

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Kevin Mark
es un artista autodidacta que desde muy chico comenzó a experimentar con el vidrio,creando sus propias formas. Con la ayuda de la llama y cristal de murano crea estas originales joyas, llenas de color y movimiento.

Kevin Mark: The artist,  began collecting beads when he was 13 years old. Soon he started experimenting with his own glass designs. Today, he is a self-taught artist driven by the desire to bring a new form of sculptural lamp-work design into the art world. He launched Kevin Mark Designs in February 2003.

Each piece is made from Murano glass, imported from Italy and hand-sculpted on a torch using unconventional methods to create a wearable piece of art. As distinctive as the glass, is the artist’s hand-crafted sterling. Every piece of silver is hand-formed, soldered, ground, polished and stamped with artist initials ‘KMS’ for authenticity.

In 2006, Kevin received a U.S. patent on his handcrafted clasp so no other piece of jewelry has this exclusive design.

Today, Kevin sells his designs at art shows in Northern California and also has pieces sold in the Caribbean, China, Australia, several East Coast galleries and museums across the United States including the Smithsonian Museum and Art Institute of Chicago. His pendants have even appeared on the ‘Gilmore Girls’ television show.

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