Lutz Haufschild

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Lutz Haufschild es un artista del vidrio reconocido internacionalmente, integra el arte en la arquitectura.Ha recibido encargos de obras en EEUU, Canada, Europa, Japón y Taiwan.
Las fotos pertenecen al trabajo realizado para la línea de tren de la R4 del aeropuerto de Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Lutz Haufschild is an internationally recognized glass artist whose thoughtful integration of art and architecture has resulted in major commissions in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Taiwan. Trained in Germany he has lived and worked in North America for over 30 years.

Haufschild is captivated by the shaping of natural light in architecture and considers light his true medium. By combining innovative fabrication methods with sensitive aesthetic treatments, he creates distinct and harmonious work. His artistic responses vary, depending on the architectural requirements: when appropriate, his dialogue with the space can be colorful and bold. At other times, he prefers simple compositions, using layers of clear beveled glasses and prisms to create a timeless elegance.

“I believe that if the integration of art and architecture is to be successful, architect, client and artist need to understand and agree on what the building and the work of art are to do for each other and for the people who use it. Ideally, neither the art nor the architecture should encumber or diminish the other; rather the appreciation of both should be heightened by their relationship. Collaboration is the way to achieve the most meaningful solutions.”

Lutz Haufschild

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