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Margaret Heenan

By 5 noviembre, 2008febrero 25th, 2021No Comments

Margaret es una artista australiana que utiliza el vidrio como forma de expresión,
realiza todo tipo de inclusiones en sus trabajos (pigmentos,cobre. lámians de oro, etc)
Un trabajo le puede llevar hasta cinco horneadas para lograr la calidad que espera.
No dejen de mirar sus trabajos en su web.

Margaret’s painterly panels invariably evoke a strong connection with the land. By layering several sheets of glass, often trapping fine substances such as gold leaf, copper wire, strands of fibreglass and aluminium, the artist adds richness, texture and depth to her fluid-edged and singular works. Margaret works intuitively, painting high fire glass enamels directly on, under or between sheets of glass, often all three. Consequently, her presence becomes integral to the narrative of the work as she controls its translucency, colour and line. Her work is frequently fired four or five times in order to achieve the desired effect, inviting the viewer to look beyond the surface.

Margaret Heenan

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