Melissa Calohan

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Melissa Calohan
es una artista autodidacta. Su entusiasmo por trabajar con el vidrio comenzó en 1986 en Mystic, Connecticut, donde se unió a un taller en la elaboración de vitrales. Las libélulas fueron su inspiración y modelo. Las seductoras cualidades de los colores iridiscentes y la variación en el vidrio dicroico parecen una combinación perfecta para la imagen de estas maravillosas criaturas.
Mediante la combinación de vidrio fundido con metales y soldadura blanda,se propone esculpir un insecto que expresa un sentimiento de animación, forma elegante, brillante y de color. Con un sinfín de formas de los insectos en todo el mundo y una gran cantidad de materiales, herramientas y técnicas.

Melissa Calohan
:”My enthusiasm for working with glass began in 1986 in Mystic, Connecticut where I joined a workshop in stained glass crafting. In 1988 I moved to the San Juan Islands with my husband and two daughters. We set up a shop for glass and wood-working and this is where a wayward dragonfly became the inspiration and model for my first insect sculpture in stained glass. The intricate forms and iridescent colors of insects have long captured my imagination. I look at them in awe whether in the garden, under a microscope, or in the exotic collections of museums. The seductive qualities of color variation in iridescent and dichroic glass seem a perfect match for the portrayal of these marvelous creatures.
By combining fused glass with metals and soft solder, I aim to sculpt an insect that expresses a sense of animation, graceful shape, and brilliant color. With the endless forms of insects around the globe and a wealth of materials, tools, and techniques yet to explore.Devils Darning – Insect Sculpture I’ll happily continue on this fascinating journey, knowing, in the words of Thomas Mouffet published in the 17th century, that the dragonfly “doth set forth nature’s elegance beyond the expression of art”.

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