Patricia Von Musulin

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Patricia Von Musulin es una joyera que trabaja la madera y el vidrio entre otros materiales ,para sus creaciones.
Sus trabajos se pueden ver en las campañas publicitarias de las mejores marcas del mundo.
No dejen de ver su web.

Her early career, prior to her current involvement with fashion, was in the field of industrial design. Clients ranged from “The Metropolitan Museum of Art”, for whom she created many of the reproductions of objects for the “King Tut” show, to Pierre Cardin for whom she helped design his automobile. She also had the privilege to work closely with the famous scientist and art restorer, Gustav Berger.

Creating a body of work known as much for its powerful originality and signature style as for its unique aesthetic ambition, Patricia von Musulin seeks to use her work to re-imagine the very idea of jewelry itself. Her collections employ a wide array of materials to evoke deep symbolism and psychological associations. Crystal-like transparency evoke the undulating currents of water, the source of all life. In contrast, the deep black tones of her “Ebony Collection” reflect our cultural fascination with “The Primitive”and the multiracial nature of contemporary urban life.

Her work is in the permanent collections of “The Metropolitan Museum of Art”, “The Boston Museum of Fine Arts”, “The National Museum of American History of the Smithsonian Institution” as well as “The Museum at the Fashion institute of Technology”.

Although Patricia von Musulin lives a very international lifestyle, at home in Istanbul or Prague as much as New York, all of her designs are manufactured in New York City.

Patricia Von Musulin

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