Scott Amrhein

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Scott Amrhein
, artista del vidrio estadounidense que realiza esculturas en las que el paso de la luz crea efecto muy especiales. Sus cuencos son de formas simple, ya sea usando color o tranparecias logra objetos hermosos.

Scott Amrhein
:”It has been said…
‘man cannot duplicate nature, but only represent it.’ I hope every piece I create, combining natural and manmade materials, is a reflection of that statement. It is the discovery and application of various elemental materials which enables me to create a unique body of work.”

His glass sculptures show the hands-on care of an artist who has painstakingly created these timeless works of art. Scott fashions striking pedestals to complement the glass bowls and complete the presentation. The result is Scott’s fine reputation for unique and exceptional handcrafted artwork that is known throughout the United States.

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