Bombay Sapphire® Designer Glass Competition 2008-

Por 2 abril, 2010

2º Premio
The glass bowls with their plant-like forms, coiled around a fine glass rod, evoke impressions of the aquatic flowers from Monet’s paintings. The sophisticated design of the glass allows several guests to each pick a ‘Nymphéa’ glass and savour their own BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® gin cocktail with elegance.

3º Premio
I imagined the outline of the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® gin logo transforming into a perfect circle: a fusion between BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® and the iconic martini cocktail glass. The glass was created using water jet cutting, and comprises of twenty-four 3mm glass plates; each one slightly altered in shape to produce the final circle. Stability is guaranteed by the thickness of the glass at the base, however the rim is finer to provide comfortable drinking. As a final touch, when filled with liquid, the base of the glass leaves a moist impression of the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® logo marked on the table, almost replicating a traditional wax seal.

Estos fueron algunas de las copas seleccionadas por el jurado de la Bombay Sapphire® Designer Glass Competition 2008-

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