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Hecho de cristal de Murano italiano, la línea de grifo Soffi es tan hermoso como original. Esta colección de lujo es de BONGIO. La elegante línea de grifos y accesorios son realizadas por artistas del vidrio. Son piezas de cristal de Murano realizadas una por una para la firma BONGIO.

Made from Italian Murano glass, the Soffi faucet line is so precious and unexpected. This luxury collection is from Bongio. The elegant line of taps and fittings are indeed works of art that will prove timeless. The harmonious pieces are made by hand in ways that have not changed with the faster pace of living. This attention to detail in manufacture produces one-of-a-kind objects; a painstaking process results in the Soffi collection and the depth in each tap and fitting. Three white stripes run through the dark glass of the showerhead pictured here. Water pours from a precise and stylish spout of Murano glass. A new way of seeing bathroom faucets embodied in the Soffi collection, from Bongio.

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