Thomas Maras

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Thomas Maras
es un enamorado del vidrio,junto a su esposa Rebecca crearon la empresa
Mara Glass, en la cual hay demostraciones diarias de vidrio soplado.

Thomas Maras:”Any particular day usually begins and ends with glass. Dancing with molten glass is customary, although the dance changes from one day to the next. The unlimited possibilities of the glass blowing process is challenging in itself.

What will I make today? And how about tomorrow?

Blowing glass requires skill and experience, as the process is very immediate. I enjoy working my glass hot. I have the freedom of transforming 2100 degree molten glass to a piece of art, ready for use the following day. Glass has a reflective quality unlike any other medium and I love the pure translation of color. Creating art is taking risks by defining something original from your perspective and skill. Glass-blowing is both my passion and my lifeline.”

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