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Bertil Vallien

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Bertil Vallien
es uno de los artista del vidrio más importantes, es de origen Sueco, trabaja el vidrio con la técnica del sand-casting.
Sus trabajos estan cargados de espiritualidad, tiene alma propia. Son mágicos!!!

Bertil Vallien is most renowned as the great master of sand-casting. His metres-long ships are prized by collectors, and his work is represented in the leading museums of the USA, Europe and Japan. “Early on I discovered that glass is a difficult material,” he says, “but one that offers a richness of possibility with its marriage of extremes: heat and cold, light and dark.” The idea of cast ship forms and the symbolic idiom he employs came to him in the late eighties. The ship is a perfect vessel for the expression of loneliness. It is evocative of femininity, of adventure, of catastrophe, a thin protective shell that demands the absolute respect of all aboard. It is a society in isolation, a self-contained world afloat on the sea.

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