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Janusz Walentynowicz

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Janusz Walentynowicz es un artista del vidrio nacido en Polonia, que vive y trabaja en EEUU. Crea objetos de arte con una impronta muy personal.Realiza exposiciones en los mejores museos del mundo y muchos de ellos poseen sus obras.

Janusz Walentynowicz
born in Poland,1956, residing in Illinois, he is one of the first artists to move beyond the realm of decorative studio glass to create unique and mysterious works on highly personal levels. Kilncast glass, sometimes painted and placed in steel, box-like constructions, reveal little portraits or vignettes, ambiguous in nature.

«Glass seems to reflect and underline some of the strongest aspects of my concerns; the implied fragility, the visible weaknesses and flaws, the transparent exposure of the inner matter. Although mostly working with themes from personal experience, I seek to portray shared human experiences in ways which allow the viewer to expand upon the facts I present with his or her own experience and memories.» –Janusz Walentynowicz

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